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  1. STEP ONE is to watch the webinar replay, so that you UNDERSTAND how the business is run &
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  2. STEP TWO is to get inspired by looking and reading all the testimonies below the webinar replay
    video. The proof is in the pudding. Daniel’s system DELIVERS results measured in dollars!
  3. STEP THREE is to check out one of our weekly coaching calls that we do each week w/ our
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Watch the Webinar Replay.
Have you been on one of Daniel’s webinars that teach you the blueprint on
HOW he and his students run a wholesaling real estate business?

If NOT, check out a webinar replay below. Have your spouse or business partner watch this video as well:


Testimonies & Success stories. Check out a FEW of our testimonials underneath here. Since 2010, Daniel Wiafe and his students have done HUNDREDS of deals nationwide. Daniel’s methods of house flipping are so innovative that he & his wife Melinda had their own 13-episode TV series appear nationwide on HGTV’s, “Flipping the Heartland“. Daniel has appeared in various TV news outlets, newspaper, articles and national radio.

Oh yeah, back to the testimonies & success stories, baby! Click on the pictures BELOW to enlargen them. Obviously we have to abide by FCC guidelines & inform you that ‘Results are Not Typical’. You can get into real estate investing and make 6 figures. You can get into real estate investing and make absolutely no money…

The people that have the GREATEST successes in this business are the ones who are not looking for a lottery ticket or a quick, easy payday. This is a BUSINESS. You MUST plan on dedicating at least 6-12 months to make this become your vehicle to give you FREEDOM of both your time and money. The AWESOME thing is that You CAN build this business while working a full-time job. Yaaay!

But the results depend on how hard you are willing to work. You don’t work, you don’t eat! (Ohhh… I just got Biblical on you!)

Okay, who is ready to look at some JUICY testimonies of people that made A LOT of money? Without further ado, take a few minutes to mesmerize your beautiful eyes on just a FEW of the MANY testimonies we have collected…

We’re ALWAYS looking for more case studies. So will you be our next case study and testimonial?


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Jason Made $5,000 within 3 Weeks on his FIRST wholesale Deal! 🙂

gwen testimony 1

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Check out one of our weekly coaching calls we have each week.Our weekly coaching call typically last 60-90 minutes long… we make sure all of our students have their questions answered, before we get off.

Apply to join the House Flipping Dojo Academy (if you haven’t applied yet). Okay, so I get it. There are so many scams out there and people that give you false hopes that you don’t know what is real and what’s not real…

Right? But let’s be real — after watching Daniel’s webinar replay and looking/reading/watching all of those testimonials… How could you NOT be ready to get started in this business?? CLICK HERE TO APPLY RIGHT NOW

Students who make it into the Academy get ACCESS to the following:
1. A private Facebook group with our 80+ students and coaches. Most of our communication, questions, case studies, answering questions, etc take place here. Daniel is on the group every day answering questions.
2. Lifetime access to our video training website at the House Flipping Dojo. This is where you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about wholesaling and we’ll take you from Zero to Hero… We have access to all of our contracts as well as 30+ hours of past coaching calls.
3. Weekly 60-Minute group coaching calls every Thursday evening or Saturday morning. We answer ALL of your questions. All the calls are recorded and posted in case you miss a call.
4. Email access to Daniel and other coaches in case you have questions that are more private in nature.
5. Weekly one-on-one calls with a private coach. (GOLD & PLATINUM PACKAGES only)
6. We pay for your first 1,000 seller leads (GOLD & PLATINUM PACKAGES only)
7. We create a marketing plan and guide for you to follow based on your budget, to maximize your marketing for motivated sellers. (GOLD & PLATINUM PACKAGES only)
8. GUARANTEE: You will do deals otherwise we will keep working with you FREE until you close on your first deal. Who the hell makes a guarantee like that?? The NINJA does, that’s who! 🙂

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON? Lol, get started today…

There’s no time like the present to get started. CLICK HERE TO APPLY RIGHT NOW.

If you’ve already spoken to Daniel Wiafe or someone on his Power Team (Eddie Espiritu or Kathleen Holguin), give them a call or email back. Let’s get you in and stop dilly-dallying LOL!

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